The Sustainable Development Forum recognizes King Salman International University

Dr. Imad El-Din Adly, representing the Board of Trustees of the Egyptian Forum for Sustainable Development, recognized Dr. Ashraf Saad, President of King Salman National University, and Dr. Abdel-Ghani El-Gendy, Dean of the faculty of Desert Agriculture, in appreciation of them for their outstanding efforts, and for the university’s support for hosting the scientific forum, which was held under the title: Symposium on Sustainable Development for the Egyptian Village – Development of South Sinai.

King Salman International University, headed by Dr. Ashraf Saad at the university’s branch in Ras Sudr, organized a series of consultative meetings on: “Sustainable Development of the Egyptian Village – Development of South Sinai”, in the presence of members of the Egyptian Forum for Sustainable Development, where the events began with a tour of the forum’s experts inside the university corridors, then The opening session began with a welcoming speech from the University President, who welcomed the attendance of the forum’s experts, in which he fully welcomed all aspects of cooperation between the University and the Forum.

During the discussion sessions, in the presence of faculty members, the supporting staff, university employees and forum experts, the following papers were presented: “The vision and mission of the Saline Cultivation Center by Dr. Hassan Al-Shaer”, “Sustainable Desert Villages” by Dr. Ismail Abdel Jalil, and the role of King Salman International University in Ras Sudr in promoting Sustainable Development Goals of Dr. Abdel Ghani El Gendy, and Partnerships for the Sustainable Development of South Sinai by Dr. Hala Yousry.

At the end of the discussion sessions, Dr. Imad Al-Din Adly conducted an open dialogue among all the participants and came up with a number of important recommendations, foremost of which was the recommendation to make a cooperation protocol between the Forum and King Salman International University that includes the implementation of a number of field activities that promote the thought of sustainable development in addition to the formation of teams A participatory work between the forum’s experts and the university on a permanent and continuous basis, working to discuss all development visions for the Governorate of South Sinai, and for these teams to work to present a development vision that ensures the achievement of sustainable development within the Governorate of South Sinai.