KSIU Board of Trustees Meeting

The Board of Trustees of King Salman International University held a meeting headed by the Chairman of the Board, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Hamid Shaira, Thursday 28th of May 2021, at the headquarters of Private Education – Ministry of Higher Education – Fifth Settlement.

The Council followed up the progress of the educational and research process, the events organized by the university, the development in the material and human components of the university, and the preparation for the opening of the university’s headquarters in Al-Tur. 

The council also discussed the academic programs that will be offered during the academic year 2021-2022 and the suitability of these programs to the local, regional and international labour market in light of the studies that have been prepared in advance in this regard.

During the same meeting, the council also discussed the latest developments in local, regional and international partnerships, where the university president, Dr. Ashraf Hussein, presented a detailed report on local partnerships in the field of desert agriculture.

The report clarified what was done regarding the signing of the cooperation protocol with South Carolina University in the United States and the double degrees that will be awarded through that partnership. It also focused on other distinguished international partnerships that the Minister of Higher Education will announce in the near future