KSIU Concludes the 4th International School for AI and Cognitive Sciences

Under the supervision of Prof. Ashraf Saad, President of King Salman International University, and in the presence of professors, directors of the university’s branches in El-Tur and Sharm El-Sheikh, a group of faculty members at the university,  and foreign professors present online from European countries, the activities of the Fourth International School for Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Sciences were held at the university’s branch in Sharm El-Sheikh.

The events lasted for five days (from Sunday 3rd to Thursday 7th of October), in which a variety of inspiring lectures were presented on the future of artificial intelligence technologies from the perspective of education, technology, music, health, and architecture. 

The topic was also discussed from the perspective of industrial applications and the insightful future outlook for career paths in local and global markets.

The lectures were delivered by Egyptian and foreign academics and experts.

One of the most important activities was the presentation of student teams from KSIU and other Egyptian universities for their competitive software projects in the summer hackathon, which lasted for 3 months during the summer of 2021. The closing ceremony witnessed the distribution of awards to the participants in the events and for the best projects, amounting to 40,000 pounds for the first three places.

This fourth international forum is more than just a presentation of interactive lectures and competition among students, but also aims to inspire young people to their scientific life and entrepreneurship through active student exchange between Egypt and Germany.

The distinguished Egyptian students get the opportunity to train in Germany, in the leading trends of computer science and engineering for the sixth year with The University of Osnabrück, the German partner.

This training is a part of the Upgrade and Partnership Project funded by the German Academic and Cultural Exchange Authority (DAAD) under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed Ashry, Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at King Salman International University and the main coordinator from the Egyptian side during the previous years.

The event witnessed a massive turnout from Egyptian universities and schools students, of which 30 of them received full funding for travel and accommodation in Sharm El-Sheikh.

 In addition to participants from Germany, Italy, Austria, and America connecting remotely at the same time from the headquarters of King Salman University.