International Cooperation Between KSIU and Russian Universities

The international conference was held at KSIU Sharm El-Sheikh, in the presence of Prof. Dmitri, Head of International Cooperation for Russian Universities, and Prof. Abdul Ghani El Gendi Director of the University’s Branch in Ras Sudr, and Prof. Tamer Abbas, Director of Sharm El-Sheikh Branch, and Dr. Kamal El-Din Salah, Professor at the Faculty of Architecture. 

During the conference, the fields, programs, and capabilities of the university in all disciplines were presented. The Russian side presented areas of cooperation with Russian universities, and it was agreed to present a draft memorandum of understanding to be presented to Prof. Ashraf Saad, President of the University, to discuss it in line with the university’s policy.

After that, the delegation made a tour inside the branch, where they expressed their admiration for the university’s capabilities.