KSIU Holds 2nd SSLC at Al Tur Campus

In light of the university’s interest in hearing students’ suggestions on an ongoing basis, and its keenness to solve them, the second meeting of the SSLC was held on Tuesday, April 19, in the Al-Tur branch. The meeting was In the presence of the academic representative, directors of branch programs, and students representing the first and second years. 

The achieved solutions to the academic problems that were tackled in the previous meeting were presented, in addition to the students presenting the new problems and suggestions to be considered and worked on. 

The students expressed their happiness and gratitude to the university for hearing their complaints and suggestions on an ongoing basis, and for being keen on solving them.

The Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) is a committee KSIU is known for, and its purpose is to identify students’ suggestions and complaints. It is chaired by the university’s vice president and held twice during each semester in each branch.

Its membership includes program directors, branch directors, and a representative of first- and second-year college students, and each student/college presents its problems. 

If the problem is related to the academic aspect, the director of the program responds to it, and if it is related to a lack of activities or any general matter the branch manager responds.

The problems are identified and resolved until the next meeting is scheduled, in which the problems that have been solved are presented.