KSIU Offers Scholarships For Thanawya Amma Students

Dr. Ashraf Hussein, President of King Salman International University, announced the launch of a number of  Scholarships at a specified discount rate in some strategic areas For Egyptian students with high school diplomas 2021-2022. The scholarships come as an application of the directives of the political leadership of Egypt to allow distinguished higher education opportunities in strategic priority areas for the labor market and achieve Egypt’s vision for 2030.

The board of trustees approved the following scholarships; 

Field of Engineering 

  • Computer engineering and artificial intelligence programs- number of scholarships 35 – 25% discount 
  • New and Renewable Energy programs  – number of scholarships 25 – 25% discount
  • Architecture program – number of scholarships 30 – 25% discount

Field of Computer Science 

  • Artificial Intelligence Science Program – Number of Scholarships 30 – 25% discount
  •   Biomedical Informatics Program – Number of Scholarships 25- 25% discount

Field of Desert Agriculture

  • Plant production program in desert areas – Number of scholarships 50- 35% discount 

Field of Administrative Sciences 

  •  Investment and financing program – number of scholarships 50 – 25% discount 
  • Accounting Information Systems Program – Number of scholarships 50 – 25% discount 

Field of Applied Languages

  •  Simultaneous translation program in German – number of scholarships 50 – 35% discount 
  • Simultaneous translation program in English – number of scholarships 50 – 35% discount

Field of Tourism and Hospitality

  • Hotels and Resorts Management Program – Number of scholarships 50 – 35% discount 

Field of Technological industries

  • Technology of Product Lines Programs  – Number of scholarships 25- 50% discount 


Scholarships requirements and eligibility:

  • The student must be Egyptian and have a high school diploma from 2021-2022.
  •  The student must achieve the minimum admission requirements (minimum high school score) for the academic program to which he is applying.
  • The applicant’s success in the entrance exams (based on the scientific field for which the student applies).
  • The student applies through the website www.admission.egypt-hub.edu.eg 
  • The student chooses King Salman International University and the field and program to apply for, from the fields and programs described above.
  • For the student to continue to receive the scholarship, the student must pass all courses and meet the scholarship conditions at King Salman International University.