Tender Announcement no. 4 Rent the Stationary at Ras Sudr Camps

KSIU announces the Bid No. (4) of closed envelopes, to rent a stationary to provide its services and  the necessary study tools for students in (pharmacy / veterinary medicine / basic sciences / desert agriculture / administrative sciences) inside the campus in the university branch in Ras Sudr.

The bidding session has been set at 12:00 PM on Tuesday 30/08/2022 at the Contracting Department in Ras Sudr Branch.

It is possible to inspect the designated place and purchase the conditions brochure from the Contracting Department, for an amount of 200 EGP to be paid into the university’s account at the National Bank of Egypt, and the value of the initial insurance is 1,500 EGP. The sale of the brochure will start from ٍSunday, 21/08/ 2022.