KSIU Staff participates in Advanced Training

ًWithin the framework of KSIU’s interest in building an integrated academic entity and its keenness to develop the educational process and raise the efficiency of its teaching staff, and providing them with the latest developments in educational, and academic and administrative sciences; Several faculty members participated in workshops in the past few days.

The most important training was the “Financing Strategy for Higher Education Institutions” workshop, which was held by Mr. Orial Alsina, Head of Finance, Communications, and Marketing at the Research Institute of Biomedicine in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

In addition, there was the “Exam Item Preparation” workshop, which was held over two days, in which a large number of faculty members participated, and Prof. Jihan Salah, Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the university, lectured, and the workshop dealt with how to develop questions for the various exams and prepare the test item and question banks.