KSIU Signs Cooperation Protocol with Egypt Healthcare Authority

During the first meeting of the Board of Directors of Egypt Healthcare Authority in its second and periodic session No. (56).

The authority signed a cooperation protocol with King Salman International University in South Sinai in the field of training and continuing medical education, including training graduate students in the medical field in hospitals affiliated with Egypt Healthcare Authority in the governorate which includes; “Sharm El-Sheikh International, Ras Sidr” hospitals or the “Abu Dis, Dahab, Nuweiba, and Taba” hospitals after the operation, in addition to the university facilitating postgraduate registration procedures for the authority’s employees, as well as benefiting from the simulation centre at KSIU for medical training to raise the efficiency of workers in health facilities—affiliated to the Authority in South Sinai, in addition to strengthening cooperation in the field of medical tourism.

According to this protocol, cooperation is taking place to transfer the EHA FIELD HOSPITAL, which participated in the medical insurance for the activities of the COP27 climate conference, to the university’s headquarters, in order to provide services and health care to the beneficiaries of comprehensive health insurance in the city of Al-Tur in South Sinai through this hospital, with the addition of a building for surgeries Within the university to provide more health care services to the people of the city of Al-Tur.