KSIU Students Take Part in a Training Course at the National Anti-Corruption Academy

A delegation of students participated in the “Governance and Anti-Corruption” training course held at the National Anti-Corruption Academy under the auspices of Prof.  Ashraf Saad Hussein, President of the University and the supervision of Dr. Ayman Mohamed Abdel Hamid, Academic Assistant of the Al-Tur Branch.

The KSIU delegation participated in the training course that was part of a series of training courses held by the National Anti-Corruption Academy for employees, faculty members, and students at the university to raise awareness of combating corruption and ways to prevent it. The lectures included a number of topics, including the Administrative Control Authority and its method of Combating corruption, defining corruption, its causes, and ways to combat it, reviewing Egypt’s strategy for sustainable development, reviewing the digital transformation project and information infrastructure and their role in providing accurate information to decision-makers, reviewing international, African and Arab anti-corruption agreements. The students concluded the training program by identifying the impact of administrative stability and combating corruption on national security.

Prof. Ashraf Saad Hussein Ali stressed the keenness of university students to participate and benefit from these valuable training programs because of their good impact on students and the development of their skills and abilities, which is an opportunity to exchange experiences with Egyptian university students. His Excellency indicated the university’s keenness to commit and attend to complete the system of community awareness of combating corruption.