Students Admissions are Now Open to the Year 2023-2024

King Salman International University (KSIU) – a smart fourth-generation university – announces the initiation of the admission and registration process for the academic year 2023 – 2024 in the following fields:

Ras Sudr Branch

  • Field of Veterinary Medicine
  • Field of Pharmacy (Doctor of Pharmacy (PHARMD) Program)
  • Field of Basic Sciences (Petroleum Chemistry Program – Biotechnology Program)
  • Field of Desert Agriculture (Plant Production Program)

Al Tur Branch

  • Field of Medicine and Surgery
  • Field of Dentistry
  • Field of Nursing
  • Field of Engineering (Energy Engineering Program – Mechatronics Program – Electronics Engineering & Communications Program)
  • Field of Computer Science (Computer Science Program: Tracks (Big Data Analysis, Computer Vision, Software Engineering)/ Artificial Intelligence Science Program)
  • Field of Computer Engineering (Artificial Intelligence Engineering Program / Computer Engineering program: Tracks (Embedded Systems, Cloud Computing, High-Performance Computing, Cyber Security).
  • Field of Technological Industries (Technology of Product Lines Program, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Program)

Sharm El Sheikh Branch

  • Field of Al-Alsun and Applied Languages (Translation and Simultaneous Interpreting in English Program, Translation and Simultaneous Interpreting in German Program)
  • Field of Tourism and Hospitality (Hotel and Resort Management Program)
  • Field of Art and Design (Interior Architecture Program, Graphic Design and Branding Program)
  • Field of Architecture
  • Field of Administrative Sciences (Investment and Finance Program, Accounting and Information Systems Program)


  • The aforementioned fields include many advanced academic programs and tracks that meet the needs of the local and international labor market. The university follows a unique global approach to manage the academic process and keep pace with the latest methods and standards for quality assurance and quality control systems.
  • King Salman International University (KSIU) provides all the student needs to ensure a distinguished university life, including luxurious student accommodation, various restaurants, outdoor sports fields, indoor gymnasiums, swimming pools, in addition to educational and recreational programs. The university also provides transportation to and from the university.
  • The university accepts students who hold Egyptian general secondary education certificate or its equivalents in the academic year 2022-2023, according to the minimum required score posted on the university website.
  • The university also accepts 2021-2022 students who achieved the minimum score of the same year they obtained their high school diploma. The minimum scores for the academic year 2023-2024 will be announced upon the new admission announcement release.
  • Applications must be completed and submitted online on the university website Students fill in their personal data, as well as the data related to their academic qualification and the total score obtained. Then they upload the original documents for reference. Note that the application fee of 1,500 EGP pounds is non-refundable.
  • Admission priority is given to earlier applicants who successfully complete all application procedures, and until the vacant seats run out in the scientific field.
  • The university accepts students holder of technical and vocational high school diplomas in the following fields: Technological Industries – Desert Agriculture – Tourism and Hospitality.
  • In case of initial acceptance through the data and documents submitted electronically. An e-mail will be sent to the student stating his initial acceptance and informing the applicant of the need to go to the university headquarters with the original documents, to be validated, and then submitted to the university to be subjected to review and registration at the Supreme Council of National Universities. The student obtains a receipt for the documents, provided that he pays the value of the first semester fees (50% of the tuition fees) and student services expenses in full, as well as the medical examination fees within two days of its date, and the student will not be considered acceptable to the university until after payment.
  • The student will be registered on the central system of private and national universities, knowing that the system will not accept the registration of a student who has previously been registered with another university. In the event that the student is registered in another university. The applicant will have to submit a request to cancel his enrollment in the other university.
  • If the student wants to change universities before the beginning of the academic year, the university cancels his registration from the central system so that he can register at another university. The university also returns the sums that have been collected from the student after deducting 10% of the total of these amounts, and the refund rules approved by the Council of National Universities apply to students who withdraw after the start of the academic year.
  • Online applications are received daily from the date of application opening until the announcement of its closure or the filling of vacant places in the field to be applied for. If the student is unable to apply online, he can receive support through the hotline or go to the nearest branch of the university.
  • The criterion for candidacy for admission is the fulfillment of the announced progress limit and the precedence of application. The university holds a placement test for accepted students in the basic skills of the scientific field in which the student was admitted, in order to strengthen the basic skills of the accepted students. The university also holds capacity tests for students applying for the fields of art, design, and architecture before the final admission of students (the test date will be announced later).
  • Passing the medical examination and the personal interview is a prerequisite for final admission to the university (the date of the medical examination and the personal interview will be announced later).

For students transferring from the corresponding colleges and changing courses:-

  • To transfer between colleges, the minimum admission requirement for the college to be joined is met, and the student must be enrolled or have spent at least one full academic year in the college from which he is transferred.
  • The student goes to the Student Affairs Office of the university branch closest to him or the university branch to which the college to which he is transferring is affiliated with an original documented transcript, documented academic content, and a copy of the high school certificate.

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