Administrative Job Vacancies Now Available

KSIU campuses in  (Al Tur – Sharm El-Sheikh – Ras Sudr) announce several administrative job vacancies. 

Engineering Department 

  • Electrical Engineer EN-003
  • Mechanical Engineer EN-004

Students Affairs:

  • Student Admission and Registration Specialist SA-003

Financial Department 

  • Financial Affairs Specialist FA-003

Purchases and Warehouses 

  • Warehouse Specialist PS-004

Technical office of the university president

  • Executive Secretary PT-002

Information technology

  • Camera Monitoring Technician IT-004 

For more details and application requirements, please check the below link:


General Conditions:

– The application is available up to 15 days from the date of announcing the jobs

– The applicant must not have a relative of up to the third degree among the employees of KSIU  in its three branches.

– An individual may not apply for more than one job.

– It’s required to provide proof of practical experience, and in the event that it is not provided, the application will be excluded.

– Completion of military service for males.

– Completion of public service for males exempted or deferred from military service and females at all for graduation batches from 2020 and beyond.

– The applicant must meet the general and special conditions and pass the job application test and the personal interview.*


How to apply:-

  • Apply  through the official university website via the link https://forms.gle/u1Evsd4EzA7os6hG9 
  • Applications Submitted in person or by e-mail are not accepted.
  •  The submission of certificates, CVs, proof of identity, and documented scientific experience within a period of two weeks from the date of the announcement.
  • For Inquiries  e-mail: hr_rc_em@ksiu.edu.eg