KSIU Participates in the 13th Edition of Edugate

King Salman International University participated in the annual exhibition of higher education, Edugate, in its 13th edition. KSIU presents a model for public-private universities and one of the national development projects of the Sinai Peninsula. King Salman International University is one of the fourth-generation smart universities with three branches in the cities of Ras Sidr – Al-Tur – Sharm El-Sheikh in South Sinai Governorate. King Salman University offers several inter-academic programs that keep pace with the need of the local, regional, and international labor markets. In 15 majors distributed over its three branches, where interaction takes place between the university and the surrounding environment for the university to play its role as a driver for the development of the surrounding community.

The university adopts a unique method of teaching and learning that depends on a balance between knowledge and skills and providing the student with applied experience through practical training in state-of-the-art labs and according to the latest systems. Also, through the university’s strategic partners as well as the surrounding environment, where the university has achieved qualitative distinction in each of its branches. The Ras Sidr branch has become distinguished by the specialization of desert agriculture, pharmaceutical sciences, and veterinary medicine in addition to basic sciences. The interaction that the university makes with the surrounding environment, in cooperation with the institutions of South Sinai Governorate, is considered a gesture to produce the added value of sustainable development, and it is one of the most important goals of the fourth-generation universities.

During its work, the university has held many local and international partnerships, which resulted in many academic, research, and training projects. The university adopts an international system in offering its academic programs, whether in teaching and learning management or assessment systems. Distinguished for its students through the participation of international experts in the educational process, student evaluation, evaluation, and review of learning outcomes and student outcomes.

In addition, the university is interested in continuing education and refining students’ skills through continuing education centers through cooperation with institutions in the country to implement the state’s vision and future aspirations.