KSIU Holds SSLC Meeting on the University Campuses

KSIU advances in the academic aspect and student activities and pays attention to students’ opinions, the fifth meeting of the Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) was held in the three university branches with a group of students as representatives of the various colleges, headed by Professor Dr. Jihan Amer, the academic representative, and in the presence of branch directors and coordinators. Academic guidance and academic assistants at the university, in addition to program directors and coordinators.

She presented the recommendations that were achieved at the previous committee meeting and the executive actions that were taken. Then, the opinions of student representatives from the colleges were listened to and their suggestions about academic problems and services provided in each branch in preparation for developing an executive plan for development to achieve the maximum benefit for students.
The meetings resulted in constructive discussions, and the students also praised the administration’s efforts in communicating with students and taking an interest in solving their problems.