KSIU Organizes Participation of Students and Staff during the Presidential Elections

During the presidential elections, Professor Dr. Ashraf Saad Hussein, President of King Salman International University, stressed the necessity of the university’s members’ positive participation in the elections for the sake of a democratic scene that befits Egypt, shapes its future, and confirms its leadership.

Under the slogan “Participate..your voice will be heard,” KSIU organized the participation of students at the headquarters of the electoral committees at the South Sinai Governorate. The students and participants set off from the university’s three headquarters in Al Tur, Sharm El-Sheikh, and Ras Sudr, where the university’s students and all its employees participated in the process of the Electoral ballot.

The university has provided several means of transportation to facilitate transportation to the voting quarters as part of its duty and to encourage the university and academic community to participate.

Participation by university students and employees continues throughout the voting days for the 2023 presidential elections, which are held within 3 days from Sunday, December 10, until the 12th of the same month.