KSIU Organizes the “Marathon” Bicycle Race in Sharm El Sheikh

As part of the student activities plan the university aims to implement, KSIU organized a cycling race with the participation of Professor Dr. Ashraf Saad Hussein, KSIU president, university leaders, faculty members, and a large number of students in Sharm El Sheikh.

The marathon is part of the university’s commitment to supporting Egypt’s leadership plan and the global initiative to combat the impacts of climate change. The university believes in its role in preserving the environment, promoting environmental awareness, fostering a sports culture, and addressing climate change issues.

The events started with a gathering at the university gate in Sharm El Sheikh at 3:00 PM. Bicycles were distributed to participants, including faculty members, administrators, and students. The cycling route followed the King Salman Road, covering approximately 4 kilometres. 

Professor Dr. Ashraf Saad Hussein, the university president, emphasized the importance of incorporating sports activities into university life, encouraging students to engage in sports, and improving their physical fitness. As well as promoting environmental awareness by using eco-friendly transportation means. This aligns with a comprehensive and integrated plan for student activities throughout the academic year.