KSIU President Visits St. Mark’s Church at South Sinai

Professor Dr. Ashraf Saad Hussein, KSIU President, accompanied by a delegation of university leaders, visited the Church of Moses the Prophet and Saint Mark in the South Sinai Governorate to congratulate him on Christmas. He was welcomed by Father Mina Saad and Father Dionysius of Sinai, and the priests of the church in Tur Sinai.

Professor Dr. Ashraf Saad Hussein, extended his sincere greetings on Christmas, in a mutual dialogue, during which he expressed his happiness at embodying the spirit of love. He also emphasized his admiration for the societal and national role of the Church and his pride in the strong ties between the nation’s Muslim and Christian components throughout the ages.

KSIU President also stressed that KSIU is proceeding according to a systematic strategy and a clear vision of progress. As well as playing its national role in supporting the efforts of the wise Egyptian leadership to achieve greater stability and to always remain a symbol of unity, security, safety, peace, and love.