KSIU Organizes the First Job Fair at Sharm Al Sheikh Campus

Today, KSIU organized the first job fair with the presence of the biggest pioneering companies in the labour market. Professor Ashraf Saad Hussien, KSIU president, launches the fair in the Sharm El Sheikh campus with the presence of Major-General Khaled Fouda, South Sinai Governor, and different faculties’ Deans. In addition to faculty staff, and many students from various programs.

Prof.  Ashraf Saad Hussien clarified that the first job fair is organized with the participation of the pioneering companies from various fields. Which allow students to explore the labor markets and their needs. In addition to creating opportunities for the industry professionals, industrial companies, and financial supporting institutions to support students in the labor market within the right feasible approach. As well as building mutual benefits through the student’s different ideas and critical thinking. Furthermore, training human cadres, supporting and implementing applicable researches or  projects. Moreover KSIU is Working on applying the national strategy’s principles of higher education and scientific research.

The president professor of KSIU pointed out that the fair witnessed an abundant number of attendees from the students, as it allowed them to communicate personally with the employers, qualifying seniors for the labor market as well. He continued by intriguing students to work on their self-development and life goals. Consequently they can catch up with the national and international labor market needs. 

The president professor of KSIU thanked all the attendees, confirming that the university aims to graduate qualified students for the labor market. As well as providing them with practical training, developing their artistic skills, highlighting the university’s pursuit to sign many protocols in a collaboration with local and international institutions in the very near future to provide students with practical learning that will help them in evolving their skills and experiences. 

The fair had a lot of activities and events, besides the induction lectures to build the career path and develop the skills of students. Furthermore, organizing counseling and guidance workshops, professional business conversations to create job opportunities and widen the students’ scope of knowledge about the possible career path in their programs. Subsequently, unlock real experiences for the students to find their convenient job, moreover discover job vacancies and conduct interviews. 

Professor Ashraf Saad Hussien, KSIU president, confirmed that KSIU always seeks to develop its graduates by getting information about the labor market to provide constructive recommendations, improving the academic programs, preparing competing graduates in the local and international level, and guaranteeing to get the best available job offers.