KSIU Organizes the First Job Fair

Professor Dr. Ashraf Saad Hussein, President of KSIU, announced the launch of the university’s first job fair next Tuesday, the 20th of February, at the university’s headquarters in Sharm El-Sheikh. This is with the participation of major leading companies in the labor market in the fields of Tourism & Hospitality, Engineering, Computer Science, Artificial intelligence,Business Administration, Arts, Science, pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, languages and translation, and veterinary medicine.

The Professor, President of the University, pointed out that this event comes within the framework of the university’s endeavour to develop the capabilities of its students to enter the labor market and provide opportunities in various fields through the forum and work to exchange experiences and information about the needs of the labor market. As well as helping students in joining the institutions in various sectors and strengthening ties between companies, students and graduates. This event will also hold workshops that serve the needs of the labor market and contribute to qualifying graduates for the required jobs.

It is worth noting that the university has invited companies and institutions to register in the forum, which includes many aspects, including entrepreneurship, professional consultations, and professional simulation activities. Professor Dr. Ashraf Saad Hussein, also confirmed that the University is working on its path to develop students’ skills in various fields, improve their paths and abilities, and work to support national projects in all parts of Egypt with all scientific and professional expertise.