KSIU organized a competition for EL-Qur’an EL-Kareem during Ramadan

Marking Ramadan, KSIU created a meaningful competition in memorizing and reciting the holy Qu’ran to enhance the students’ good morals and teamwork principles. KSIU collaborated with the Endowments directorate of South Sinai to organize this day in EL-Tur city, with the honorable presence of Prof. Ashraf Saad Hussien, KSIU president, and some of the university’s heads in EL-Tur Campus. 

129 students from the three different branches of the university participated in this competition’s different sectors which are memorizing the whole holy Qur’an, Memorizing half of the holy Qur’an, and reciting the holy Qur’an. KSIU hosted a judgment commission from Endowments directorate scientists, El-Sheikh Sayyed Youssef Ghait, Undersecretary of the Endowments Directorate, and several religious leaders from South Sinai attended the competitions.

 The university praised the dignified level of the students at this competition, as the first ranked student in memorizing the whole holy Qur’an was Ahmed Rizk Nawar, a student at the Faculty of Medicine, the first ranked one in memorizing half of the holy Qur’an was Shahd Gamal Abdulatif, a student at the Faculty of Medicine, in addition, the first ranked one in reciting the holy Qur’an was Osama Abdulmohsen Shamla, a student at the faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

At the end of the day, the university administration dignified the students and the scientists of the judgment commission for their honorable efforts. KSIU thanked its students for their outstanding participation in all the students’ activities.