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Welcome To KSIU

King Salman International University (KSIU) is a smart university with international standards and special nature that seeks to provide the community with future leaders and innovators capable of making tangible changes to themselves and their country. The University aims at competing in the area of science and technology and culture development at an international level.

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World Class Education

Go beyond conventional and choose your fast track to the global market from 17 fields of study.


Future-Based Programs

A wide range of future based programs specifically selected to serve the current and future global market needs.


State of the Art Facility

The campus provides vibrant, attractive, sustainable and accessible facilities where students can interact, and share information and knowledge.


Non Conventional Location

Explore an exceptional student life at KSIU modern campuses in Sharm El Sheikh, Ras Sidr & Al Tur.

  • 17 Fields
  • 56 Programs
  • 170+ Staff
  • 3550+ Students

Our Fields of Studies

Latest News & Events

KSIU Honors Top Students in Ras Sudr Campus

On Sunday, March 5th, the university held an event to honour outstanding students from the Faculties of Pharmacy, Vete

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KSIU Students Take Part in a Training Course at the National Anti-Corruption Academy

A delegation of students participated in the "Governance and Anti-Corruption" training course held at the National Ant

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KSIU Welcomes Global McGraw Hill Foundation

KSIU is always interested in providing the best educational experience for its students that enables them to integrate

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Sharm El-Sheikh Campus Welcomes Nasser Military Academy Delegate

Under the patronage of Prof. Ashraf Saad Hussein, President of King Salman International University, KSIU campus at Sh

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KSIU Announces Academic Calendar for the Second Semester

KSIU announces the beginning of the second semester of the academic year 2023, on Saturday, 11/2/2023, wishing all its

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Academic Vacancies Now Open- Spring 2022/2023

King Salman International University is opening new academic vacancies in all educational sectors (Medical, Engineering, and Humanities) for Spring 20

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