The college offers an architecture engineering program that enriches architectural thought by linking knowledge, modern innovations and practical application within the framework of societal cultural values ​​and in line with the environment and concepts of urban sustainability with competence in dealing with building techniques, sensitivity towards the environment and global issues.

The program focuses on developing students' analytical, innovative, technical and design skills, by providing training on field projects within the specialized and optional courses, and activating the interconnection between the human and technological aspects.

The graduate is distinguished by his training in linking architecture and urban development with the state's developmental issues, applying the concept of sustainable design in architecture while achieving human factors in design, paying attention to preserving the urban character and urban values, and facing the threats to heritage areas. The duration of the study in the college is five years, after which the student gets a Bachelor of Architecture.


The faculty of Arts and Design is looking for the transformation of the local community towards innovation, creativity and leadership at the regional level in the quality of educational programs and international competition in the fields of visual arts and design.


To prepare designers with the ability to innovate and creativity by providing outstanding educational programs that meet the international standards and the needs of local and regional labor market, and eligible to openness to the global market

Strategic Objectives

  • To provide the latest educational tools, information and communication technology to contribute to the development of creative and innovative students' skills.
  • To provide an educational environment stimulating creativity and innovation and educational programs that meet local and international standards.
  • Attracting distinguished teaching staff in the fields of art and design.
  • Self-development resources by attracting Egyptian and non-Egyptian students and consulting in the field of art and design.
  • Building academic partnerships that enhance student learning experience and share academic and research experiences.
  • Conducting research that contributes to the enrichment of knowledge and development in the fields of art and design to be integrated with the needs of society.
  • Qualifying graduates with professional and cognitive skills that meet the needs of the local and regional labor market.
  • To establish self- and continuous learning for students to keep with developments in the fields of art and design.
  • Reinforcing the culture of work at the Faculty of Art and Design on cooperation and success.

Governing Values

The Faculty of Art and Design strives to achieve its mission by emphasizing a set of core values and keep track of the university governing values:

  • Uniqueness by express its internal identity and give it its distinct personality.
  • Respect for values, heritage and cultural diversity.
  • Reinforcing the culture of work on cooperation, success, diversity and creation of a harmonious and distinguished environment.
  • Sustainability and Lifelong learning according to self- and continuous learning system.
  • Reinforcing the culture of societal responsibility, environmental sustainability and economic enhancement for a better future.