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Prof. Mohammed Sheirah
Chairman of the Board of Trustees Speech

With much enthusiasm and great pleasure, I warmly welcome all students to the three Campuses of King Salam International University, and I am delighted that you are considering KSIU as your pathway to degree studies in Egypt. In welcoming you, I wish to bring to your attention the relevance, vision, and mission of this growing and highly esteemed KSIU University. Our classrooms are large enough to encourage debate and small enough to ensure you get the attention you need. And by being in the heart of KSIU, you will soon discover the benefits of accessing University facilities and contacts to help your studies. Choose KSIU University, and you will find that being a student here is both academically stimulating and a rewarding life experience. We value each student here at KSIU. Through our values of Success, Ambition, Respect and Care, we work together to know our students well, support and challenge them to succeed and celebrate their achievements along the way. At KSIU, we believe in creating a safe, friendly, and caring environment where there is a great understanding of the needs of local and international students. Part of our commitment to you is to provide you with the tools you need to succeed in your new environment, both academically and socially. We will help you open your minds to different cultures, new ideas, and alternative ways of thinking and doing things. At KSIU, we are known for the quality of our teaching, research, and our partnership with our students. We are continuing this at our Campuses, providing excellent education and student experience on-campus. Our high-quality service focuses on your individual needs and will allow you to give your very best. This support will be provided with every step of the way by our dedicated academic and student support staff. Our talented staff tailor our courses to meet students’ needs and the priorities for the local and regional economy. We do this so that whatever students choose to do next, we are sure they are as well-equipped as possible for that next step. We welcome students from Egypt and beyond, local and international, and offer a range of scholarships designed to encourage excellence and extend opportunities to everyone with the ability and ambition to benefit from a KSIU University degree. In this unrivalled setting, you can choose from a range of undergraduate degrees in key areas of importance to the Egyptian economy, with excellent employment potential. Welcome again to KSIU and, together with all the staff here, I look forward to helping you achieve your academic and career goals. You can find your place here. I would encourage you to get in touch to take a tour and see at first hand what we can offer you and how we can inspire you to reach your potential and your goals.

Prof. Mohammed Sheirah
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Go Beyond Conventions & Experience the Future at KSIU!

King Salman International University (KSIU) is a new smart university in the heart of Sinai-Egypt, consolidated by the Decree of the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt issuing Law No. 12 of 2009 Regulating Private and National Universities and it is executive regulations.

KSIU Operates on three smart campuses (Al Tur, Sharm El-Sheikh, Ras Sedur) and adopts innovative learning techniques and international standards.  

KSIU provides a higher education that promotes innovation and raises a generation capable of regional and global leadership to pioneering academic excellence and scientific research on an international scale.

Go Beyond Conventions & Experience the Future at KSIU!
Professor Ashraf Hussein
President Speech

Dear Students I am delighted you have chosen to study at our smart and distinctive university. We have a phrase here — “Beyond Conventional”—and this phrase summarizes the spirit of our university. Throughout your study at King Salman International University, you will have the opportunity to thrive both personally and academically. I would encourage you to take advantage of all that our campuses and community have to offer you. Our teaching and learning approach focuses on offering you the very best study programs that apply knowledge to real-world challenges. We do that by combining innovative learning technologies and ideas with our outstanding support and facilities both on campuses and through our digital services. Our graduates are in demand by global professions and industries all over the world. The very nature of King Salman's education allows you to benefit from our research-informed approach, underpinned by our rich values. We are dedicated to providing you with the leadership skills to be a global citizen and the expertise to one day become a leader in your chosen field. Lastly, becoming a KSIUian means you are part of a close-knit community that will support you from day one to achieve your vision of success. Here you will find the guidance and support: whether you want to develop your leadership skills, explore your passion for the arts, serve your community, conduct your own research, or pursue a career-defining internship. You will find mentors in our faculties, and through our campus’s rich social and cultural life, you will make connections and friendships that will last a lifetime. With best wishes, On behalf of all the staff, we look forward to supporting you to be a successful graduate of KSIU.

Professor Ashraf Hussein
KSIU President

Our Vision

To be a smart, pioneering university in teaching, learning, scientific research and community service locally, regionally and globally. The University will achieve excellence through creative thinking.

Our Mission

The University provides outstanding professional and academic programs to prepare qualified graduates who meet the local, regional, and international labour market needs. The University encourages innovation and creativity and carries out applied scientific research through effective partnerships with outstanding international universities and labour market institutions.

Our strategic objectives

King Salman International University seeks to achieve the following strategic objectives:

  • Qualification of graduates in various fundamental and human sciences fields at the level of bachelor, master, and doctorate.
  • Promoting awareness of various local, regional and global issues in all fields of applied and human sciences through applied scientific research that meets the needs of the local and international communities.
  • Continuous and practical development of the educational and
    research process and adoption of clear policies to market the results of scientific research.
  • Deployment of information and communication technology to the development of academic, research and administrative procedures.
  • Attracting international experts for resettlement and transfer of technology to produce researches that qualify for scientific leadership.
  • Activating the dynamic relationship between the outcomes of education and the requirements of the labour market.
    Giving attention to professionalism and moral responsibility and targeting continuing education programs.
  • We are strengthening the university’s role in producing and transferring knowledge and skills to serve the community and achieve the highest levels of academic excellence.
  • The University and its various entities should obtain international academic accreditation and strengthen its local and global ranking.

Our Core Values



To strive to be the best in all that the universities offer in terms of education, academic research, creative expression and community service.



Develop the spirit of innovation and excellence, and the application of the best global practices in all of the university activities.



Collaboration with international universities, government, public and private sectors to enforce the link between education and market needs.



Provide high-quality programs following international standards for education and learning in the fields of education and academic research.



A clear strategic plan with practical dimensions that will raise the level of education and learning and produce prestigious research.



Providing students with an opportunity to engage in a lifestyle that contributes to their personal development.


Social Responsibility

Commitment to study the challenges facing Egypt, the region and the world by adapting the scientific potential to meet these challenges.


Lifelong Learning

The belief that the search for knowledge, understanding and personal development should last a lifetime and does not stop at a certain age.

Our Facilities

KSIU is operating from three smart campuses located in Sinai. The campuses are designed to deliver a non-conventional learning and living experience, through the IoT based smart system implemented all over the campus. This technology makes the campus efficient, green, safe and offers the student a revolutionized learning and assessment ( smart classrooms and labs ) experience. 

The culture at KSIU promotes the physical and mental wellbeing of students that’s why it offers them access to multiple athletic facilities on campus including a football court, tennis court, volleyball court, basketball court and a fully equipped gym. 

Lecture Halls

Class Rooms




Sports Facilities


Smart Gates

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