01Nov 2021

International Cooperation Between KSIU and Russian Universities

The international conference was held at KSIU Sharm El-Sheikh, in the presence of Prof. Dmitri, Head of International Cooperation for Russian Universities, and Prof. Abdul Ghani El Gendi Director of the University’s Branch in Ras Sudr, and Prof. Tamer Abbas, Director of Sharm El-Sheikh Branch, and Dr. Kamal El-Din Salah, Professor at the Faculty of …

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31Oct 2021

Tender Announcement: Rent the Cafeteria at Ras Sudr Branch

King Salman International University announces the launch of the local bid No. (2) for the year 2021 for closed envelopes to rent the cafeteria at the university’s branch in Ras Sudr. The price of the brochure, 300 EGP, and the value of the primary insurance is 1,500 EGP.  Primary insurance is paid to the university’s …

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24Oct 2021

Tender Announcement: Rent the Cafeteria at Al Tur Branch

King Salman International University announces the launch of the local bid No. (1) for the year 2021 for closed envelopes to rent the cafeteria at the university’s main headquarters in Al Tur campus.  The conditions brochure shall be withdrawn from the university’s headquarters in Al-Tur as of 10/24/2021.  The price of the brochure, 300 EGP, …

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18Oct 2021

KSIU Concludes Registration Week

As part of getting ready for a new academic year on campus, King Salman International University (KSIU) concluded a successful week of registration and vaccination on the three campuses in Sinai.  During the past week, students completed their documents, attended interviews, and received their COVID-19 vaccinations as facilitated by the university.  At the beginning of …

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12Oct 2021

KSIU Concludes the 4th International School for AI and Cognitive Sciences

Under the supervision of Prof. Ashraf Saad, President of King Salman International University, and in the presence of professors, directors of the university’s branches in El-Tur and Sharm El-Sheikh, a group of faculty members at the university,  and foreign professors present online from European countries, the activities of the Fourth International School for Artificial Intelligence …

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11Oct 2021

KSIU Inaugurates the Summer Studio Exhibition

Within the framework of the university’s orientation towards serving the surrounding community and spreading the culture of art and beauty throughout the governorate, King Salman International University (KSIU) inaugurates the Summer Studio Exhibition. Prof. Ashraf Saad Hussein, President of KSIU, branch directors, deans, program directors, and a number of university affiliates and students, inaugurated the …

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05Oct 2021

The German Ambassador Visits KSIU Sharm EL Sheikh

On Tuesday, 5th of October 2021, Prof Ashraf Saad, President of KSIU, welcomed the German Ambassador H.E Frank Hartmann, his wife, and the Counselor for Scientific Cooperation at the embassy, to the university’s branch at Sharm El Sheikh.  The visit included a meeting with the faculty members, a campus tour, and a visit to the …

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28Sep 2021

Academic Schedules – Fall 2021/2022

We gladly welcome all the freshmen joining KSIU for the first time, bringing along their fresh minds and positive spirits. We also like to extend our welcome to our beloved current students.  We wish you a fruitful and wonderful academic year.  You can find your class schedule here …  El Tur Branch  Medicine Dentistry …

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17Sep 2021

KSIU Cooperates with Distinguished Universities in KSA

Wednesday, September 14th, 2021.  H.E Dr Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and H.E. Dr Hamad bin Muhammad Al-Sheikh, Saudi Minister of Education. During the meeting,  areas of cooperation between King Salman International University, King Abdelaziz University, and Tabuk University in KSA were reviewed. The cooperation has a direct impact on …

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