Field of Technological Industries


Technological Industries

Our Vision

The Faculty of Technological Industries at King Salman International University seeks excellence and leadership in the field of technological industries locally, regionally and internationally.

Our Mission

The Faculty of Technological Industries at King Salman University aims to graduate technologists capable of understanding and assimilating modern technology and technically qualified in academic programs for public works, refrigeration and air conditioning, production lines and precision equipment technologies. This will continuously upgrade the level of graduates to solve technological problems in the workplace and production sites.

Our Core Values


Encouraging and promoting excellence through innovation and creativity.


Provide high-quality programs following international standards for education and academic research.


Being honest and ethical in all interactions, maintaining the highest ethical standards in teaching, research, public engagement and service.


Develop the spirit of innovation and excellence, and the application of the best global practices in all of the university activities.


Providing students with an opportunity to engage in a lifestyle that contributes to their personal development.


A clear strategic plan with practical dimensions that will raise the level of education and learning and produce prestigious research.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • To prepare specials in technology with integrated theoretical and practical knowledge in the Faculty specializations.
  • To prepare specialists and leaders in the technology sector.
  • To conduct research and studies in the specialization fields of the Faculty.
  • To exchange experiences and information with institutions concerned with Egyptian, Arab and international technology and help in addressing common issues
  • To provide expertise and advice in the specialization fields of the Faculty.
  • Solving and developing technology problems.
  • To contribute to the service and development of the surrounding environment.
  • To instil comprehensive knowledge of different aspects of specialization to allow for keeping up with technological developments.
  • To entrench logical thinking; take stances and come up with different alternatives; act decisively and confidently, and acquire the ability to innovate and work in a team.
  • To have high verbal and written communication skills, besides excellent skills to acquire, organize and display information, especially using information technology.
  • To always search for the best solutions, take initiative, and participate in social and cultural change.
  • Motivative for lifelong learning and continuous cultural development.

Major programs

Students learn recognition of the profession of maintenance of cooling and air conditioning and its fields.

Identification of the profession of manufacturing and maintenance of production lines and fields.

Recognition of the maintenance of the precision devices industry and its fields.

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