Technology in Microelectronics Program

Program Director

Technological Industries

Annual Tuition Fees:

39,000 L.E

Bachelor’s Degree Technology in Micro Electronics Program (4 Years)

Higher Diploma Technology in Micro Electronics Program (2 Years)


Recognition of the maintenance of the precision devices industry and its fields.

Identification of the methods for detecting, decomposing, optimizing the system, reading indicators of alternative technological solutions and having information on the use of electrical and electronic components designed to improve the system.

Identification of the precision devices and methods of installation, manufacture and occupational safety.

Identification of electronic installations and control systems and the ability to verify the electrical connections between the control part and installed devices, install the control program on the controller of the device and adjust and determine the parameters of the production process.

Recognition of the application of the methodology of programming control systems and organization in specific development environments.


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