They are non-profit universities.They are universities that are subject to the provisions of the Private and community Universities Law No. 12 of 2009 and its implementing regulations and Law No. 143 of 2019 amending some provisions of the Private and community Universities Law promulgated by Law No. 12 of 2009. It is affiliated with the Supreme Council of Private and community Universities.

       Visit KSIU’s website and click Apply Now, in the top right corner.

       Fill in the required information.

       Choose 3 wishes from the different fields and programs.

       Choose the payment method for the application

       Constantly check your email for important university communication.

       If you face any issue in the application please head to the nearest KSIU branch to complete your application process. 

King Salman University, Galala University, El Alamein University

Professors from distinguished international universities are invited to teach at the university, either by attending and teaching intensive courses or by videoconferencing, in addition to a distinguished group of distinguished faculty members.

The university provides distinguished hotel accommodation within the university’s headquarters, managed by a specialized company and has all the living requirements. The university also provides a group of cafeteria in addition to transportation to and from Cairo.

There is a central unit at the university that takes care of all students’ summer activities (entertainment – educational – professional – community – etc.). The main task of this unit is to coordinate the various activities of students through specialists and implement these activities.

There is health insurance for students through one of the distinguished companies in the field of health insurance. It takes into account insurance for students and faculty members against the risks of scientific experiments and transportation.

There is twinning at the level of programs with European and English universities, and students obtain double degrees. Distinguished examples of faculty members with distinguished experience are attracted from international universities, so that this cooperation is a nucleus for twinning in various academic programs.

King Salman University  includes several fields (Field of Medicine – Field of Dental Medicine – Field of Pharmacy – Field of Veterinary Medicine –  Field of Nursing – Field of Administrative Sciences – Field of Desert Agriculture – Field of Engineering – Field of Computer Science – Field of Engineering – Field of Basic Science – Field of Technological Industries – Field of Architecture – Field of Art and Design – Field of Tourism and Hospitality – Field of  Applied Languages ).

The university communicates with companies in various fields to train students and participates in student project exhibitions, professional activities, etc. The University’s Business Development Unit also communicates with companies to form partnerships with various centers of excellence and research.

There are excellent transportation means for the service and comfort of students to and from Cairo from the places where students are concentrated

There are ambulances and health units inside the university campuses

King Salman University has many academic partnerships with distinguished European, English and American universities depending on the college and academic program.

King Salman International University is unique in the presence of many outdoor playgrounds, indoor lounges and swimming pools, and there is a central unit to manage all student activities at the level of the university’s three branches

King Salman International University is a community university, and of course its academic programs are approved by the sector committees of the Supreme Council of Universities, and the certificate awarded to students is accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities

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