King Salman University celebrates Sinai National Day

Saturday, King Salman International University hosted South Sinai Governorate celebrations for the thirty-second anniversary of the restoration of Taba, in the presence of Major General Staff Khaled Fouda, Governor of South Sinai, Dr. Al-Qusayr, Minister of Agriculture, General Adel Ghadhban, Governor of Port Said, and Dr. Moufid Shehab, member of the Taba Defense Authority And the former Minister of Higher Education, Karam Jabr, Chairman of the Supreme Council for Media, a group of men of the armed forces, and a number of members of the People's Assembly from the Sinai Governorate, media men, businessmen, and investors from the Sinai Governorate.
The honorable attendance was received by Dr. Ashraf Hussein, President of the University, then the activities began with the opening of the Student Activities Exhibition for King Salman University students, and the attendees went to the university's celebration hall Major General Khaled Fouda, Governor of South Sinai, congratulated the people of Egypt the restoration of Taba to Egyptian sovereignty, praising the role of the armed forces to liberate Sinai, and appreciating the role of everyone who sacrificed himself for the sake of the homeland. The ceremony included a lecture by Dr. Moufid Shehab on the the withdrawal of the enemy from the land of Sinai, the efforts made to collect documents, and the search for witnesses to refute the enemy's claims through the Taba Defense Committee, and a lecture given by Karam Jaber commenting on Dr. Moufid Shehab and the lessons learned from them . The ceremony ended with the Governor of Sinai presenting commemorative shields to the dignitaries of the ceremony, and Dr. Ashraf Saad, President of the University, presented the University’s honorable legal shield To Dr.Moufid Shehab as appreciation of his efforts and an expression of the gratitude of the university’s employees for his political and scientific career, and their appreciation for this scholarly stature, which we are all honored .