Nursing Program

Program Director

Prof. Reem Mabrouk



Tuition Fees
Egyptians: 37,200 EGP
Non-Egyptians: 3000 USD

Bachelor’s Degree Nursing Program


The Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing offers knowledge, clinical training and learning experiences in nursing sciences that helps to graduate qualified competent nurses who are able to meet the health needs of all members of society at different ages and at different levels of healthcare through the study of adult health nursing, maternal and newborn health nursing, pediatric nursing, community health nursing, psychiatric and mental health nursing and management and leadership in nursing.

Study plan comprise of 4 years plus one year internship training.

Yes, the university is certified from the ministry of higher education and science. 

King Salman International University offers a range of opportunities and benefits to nursing graduates, including:

Academic Degrees:

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (BSN): Nursing graduates receive a bachelor’s degree in nursing, which is a foundational qualification for nursing practice.

Licensing Exam Preparation:

Nursing graduates from King Salman International University are prepared for nursing licensing exams, enabling them to obtain professional licensure as registered nurses (RNs) and practice nursing in various healthcare settings.

Clinical Skills and Practical Training.

Specialization and Advancement Opportunities:

Nursing graduates have opportunities to specialize in areas such as critical care , obstetric and geriatric nursing.

Continuing Education and Professional Development.

Graduates from nursing colleges study a range of subjects that prepare them for a career in nursing. Examples of common subjects that nursing college graduates typically study; Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Nursing Fundamentals, Medical-Surgical Nursing , Pediatric Nursing, Maternity and Obstetric Nursing.

As a nursing specialist after graduating from nursing college, your role encompasses several key responsibilities and areas of expertise:

● Patient Care

● Collaboration with interdisciplinary healthcare teams

● Education and Advocacy

● Research and Evidence-Based Practice

● Continuous Learning and Professional Development

● Nursing Leadership and Management

After graduating from nursing college in Egypt, you have various opportunities for employment. Here are some potential paths you can consider:

● Public Hospitals

● Private Hospitals and Clinics

● Home Healthcare Services

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