Agricultural Biotechnology Program

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Prof. Abdelghani Elgendi


Desert Agriculture

Tuition Fees
Egyptians: 47,300 EGP
Non-Egyptians: 3000 USD

Agricultural Biotechnology Program


The program deals with studying biological diversity and conservation of genetic resources through gene banks for animals, plants and microorganisms and the production of plants resistant to adverse environmental conditions through genetic transport and the use of bioreactors to produce pharmaceutical compounds.

Approximately 30 students.

To get the degree, each student has to study 48 courses.

Lectures: I will deliver clear and concise lectures introducing core concepts in Agricultural Biotechnology. However, these won’t be passive information dumps. I will incorporate interactive elements like polls, clicker questions, and mini-debates to keep you engaged and assess understanding.

Group Discussions and Activities: We will delve deeper into concepts through facilitated group discussions, case studies, and problem-solving activities. Working collaboratively allows you to share diverse perspectives, strengthen critical thinking, and develop communication skills.

Laboratory Experiments: Agricultural Biotechnology is a hands-on field. You’ll gain practical experience through well-designed laboratory experiments that reinforce theoretical concepts learned in lectures. I’ll be there to guide you through the protocols and ensure your safety.

Guest Lectures (Optional): Inviting experts from research institutions or the agricultural industry can provide valuable insights into real-world applications of Agricultural Biotechnology.

Online Resources: I will provide supplementary online resources, including articles, simulations, and video lectures, to enhance your learning beyond the classroom.

Learning Management System (LMS) : An LMS can be a helpful platform to access course materials, submit assignments, track progress, and participate in online discussions.


Related Courses

The program deals with studying biological diversity and the conservation of genetic resources. 

The program deals with studying the concepts of basic science in fields of field crops and horticultural and apply appropriate agricultural practices in the desert areas.

The program deals with studying the basic concepts of animal, poultry and fish production in the desert areas.

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