Field of Administrative Sciences


Administrative Sciences

Our Vision

Providing graduates mastering managerial skills and experiences that enable them to help society and contribute to the national and global economic development. As well as we aim to educate our students with a world-class business educational level. Consequently, thoughtful, entrepreneurial leaders, both professionally and in their communities, are generated.

Our Mission

Create an academic environment that helps in discovering, escalating, linking the curricula with updated labour market knowledge and experience; by encouraging creativity, innovation, and scientific research. Develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills that enable graduates to contribute to problem-solving among industry and society, increasing employability opportunities, and building students’ capacities and skills in the era of the knowledge economy.

Our Core Values

Entrepreneurship and Excellence

Strive to create a physical infrastructure with suitable technology that fosters an entrepreneurial spirit in which our students and staff flourish professionally and academically.


Encouraging and mentoring the teaching and learning process of high-quality programs, nourishing along with the new technologies, requisite skills and tools.

Partnership and Integration

Collaborating with regional and international educational institutions forms a synergy to enhance student’s skills and educational experience by offering training courses, scholarships and internships.


Offering opportunities among students from different cultures and backgrounds to encourage contribution in social responsibility through internships and social activities.


Pooling diverse perspectives and experience by sampling cross-functional teams to collaborate on projects through brainstorming sessions and imagination to drive innovation.


Students are empowered with the opportunity of participating in the era of the knowledge economy to develop their personality and pave their road to success through accruing skills, internships, and self-learning.

Our strategic objectives

  • To enrich our academic work to pursue excellence in education, research and knowledge exchange through collaboration with international institutions.
  • To improve the quality of the educational process by using high-quality educational materials adapted to fit the local and international environments.
  • Acquiring skills and experiences to our students through integration with international educational and professional institutes.
  • To cooperate with educational institutions, governmental entities, and the industry to drive the development wheel towards excellence. 
  • Offer professional development opportunities and providing micro professionally accredited courses.

Major programs

Students learn to identify appropriate accounting and financial techniques for planning and control purposes, both local and international. 

Students learn how to understand the role of financial management in private and public sectors business organizations.

Students learn how to manage the marketing process and create value for the organization and its stakeholders.

Students learn to apply basic skills and competencies related to different managerial functions.

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