Marketing and International Business program

Program Director

Dr. Israa Abdel Ghaffar


Administrative Sciences

Tuition Fees
Egyptians: 50,600 EGP
Non-Egyptians: 4000 USD

Marketing and International Business Program


Students’ on-campus accommodation is available at Sharm El Sheikh campus.

In addition to core courses in marketing, digital marketing, and management. The program also includes human resource management, Accounting, Finance, economics, business information systems and ethics courses.

Graduates of a marketing and international business program can pursue a variety of internationally recognized professional certifications to enhance their skills and marketability. Here are some options to consider:


Digital Marketing Certifications:

Google Ads Certification: Demonstrates proficiency in managing Google Ads campaigns.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ): Validates expertise in using Google Analytics to analyze website traffic and marketing performance.

Facebook Blueprint Certification: Covers various aspects of Facebook advertising.

HubSpot Marketing Certification: Provides a foundation in inbound marketing strategies.


International Trade Certifications:

Certified International Business Professional (CIBP): Offered by the Forum on International Trade (FITA), this certification validates knowledge of international trade practices and regulations.

Global Marketing Professional (GMP): Awarded by the American Marketing Association (AMA), this certification demonstrates expertise in international marketing strategies.

Professional Certified Marketing Manager (PCMM): Awarded by the American Marketing Association (AMA), this certification focuses on strategic marketing management.

Graduates of a Marketing and International Business program can pursue a diverse range of careers that leverage their understanding of global markets, marketing strategies, and international business practices. 

Here are some typical career paths:


This is a broad field with numerous specialisations. Graduates could find positions in areas like:

Digital Marketing

Brand Marketing  

Market Research        

Sales: This field involves generating leads, converting them into customers, and building relationships with clients. Graduates could work in:

Business-to-Business (B2B) Sales

Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Sales

Account Management

International Business: 

This field focuses on conducting business across national borders. Graduates could pursue careers in:

Global Supply Chain Management

Other Options: Graduates with strong analytical and communication skills might find opportunities in:

Market Research Analyst

Business Development



Related Programs

Students learn how to understand the role of financial management in private and public sectors business organizations.

Students learn to identify appropriate accounting and financial techniques for planning and control purposes, both in the local and international contexts.

Students learn to apply basic skills and competencies related to different managerial functions.

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