Field of Al-Alsun and Applied Languages

King salman univ 25-58073
Program Director

Associate Prof. Riham Tahoun

Field of

Al-Alsun and Applied Languages

Our Vision

The faculty aims to play a major role in achieving excellence in languages and intercultural communication, which accordingly enhances its position on the local, regional and international levels.

Our Mission

Offering academic programs in foreign languages, Arabic language, translation and simultaneous interpreting and applied linguistics, through the best education, scientific research and community and environmental services.

Our Core Values


To strive to be the best in all what the faculties offer in terms of education, academic research, critical thinking, creative projects, and community service.


Full commitment to ethical principles, integrity and honesty in the educational field.


A clear strategic plan with practical dimensions that will raise the level of education, learning and academic research.

Freedom of Expression

Striving to create an environment in which diverse opinions can be expressed and respected.

Accountability and answerability

Accepting responsibility for the achievement of common goals and objectives.

Respect for the Individual

To understand the unique contributions of every person in the university, community and to value diverse perspectives.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Graduation of Egyptian youth competently and efficiently capable of meeting the labor market needs in the field of translation and language teaching.
  • Preparation of translators and simultaneous interpreters who have an equal command of Arabic and foreign languages.
  • Preparation of graduates specialized in contrastive and interdisciplinary studies to achieve intercultural communication with an academic view to connect Egypt with the global world.
  • Linking the different specializations of the faculty with the labor market needs.
  • Preparation of graduates who are capable of developing software that serves the Arabic language in order to bridge the huge gap it faces at the global level.
  • Encouraging research, in the fields of foreign and Arabic languages, and translation.

Major programs

The program aims to qualify students for translation and consecutive and simultaneous interpreting from and into English and in many and various fields.

The program aims to qualify students for translation and consecutive and simultaneous interpreting from and into German and in many and various fields.

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