Field of Art and Design

Program Director:

Associate Prof. Mai Ali Nada


Art and Design

Our Vision

The Faculty of Art and Design at King Salman International University is looking forward to enjoying an academic and research reputation among the corresponding faculties locally and regionally, and to achieve an advanced ranking internationally.

Our Mission

Prepare qualified graduates capable of creativity and innovation by providing programs, educational and research environment in accordance with local and international standards in the fields of art and design that meet the needs of the local and regional labor market.

Our Core Values


Respect for values, heritage and cultural diversity.


Engaging others with respect, openness and trust in pursuit of a common purpose, having regard for individuals, ideals and the institution as a whole.


Providing an environment that helps to stimulate human resources by giving them the necessary powers to perform their work and provide support and guidance to them.


Work in cooperation, success, diversity and creation of a harmonious and distinguished environment.

Lifelong Learning

The belief that the search for knowledge, understanding and personal development should last a lifetime and does not stop at a certain age.


Acting in a manner that is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable in administration, academic and research programs.

Our strategic objectives

  • Provide the modern educational tools, information and communication technology to contribute to the development of creative and innovative students’ skills.
  • Provide a motivating environment and educational programs that meet local and international standards.
  • Attracting distinguished teaching staff in the fields of art and design.
  • Self-development resources of the faculty.
  • Building academic and scientific research partnerships with advanced educational institutions and industrial sectors.
  • Conducting research that contributes to the enrichment of knowledge and development in the fields of art and design to be integrated with the needs of society.
  • Reinforcing the culture of work at the Faculty of Art and Design on cooperation and success.
  • Development of the professional and cognitive skills of graduates in accordance with the needs of the local and regional labor market.

Major programs

The program is designed to equip our graduates with problem-solving techniques, study them in detail, and explore design environments where people grow. 

Graphic Design and branding program engage students in interdisciplinary, combining visual sensitivity with skill and knowledge.

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