Graphic Design and Branding Program

Program Director:

Prof. Ahmed Ali Moselhi


Art and Design

Tuition Fees
Egyptians: 53,900 EGP
Non-Egyptians: 3000 USD

Bachelor’s Degree Graphic Design and Branding Program


Graphic Design and Branding addresses the subject from a broad perspective, covering personal, cultural, international, corporate, and commercial identities. Students learn to create messages from concept stage to the final form while exploring the social and environmental network dimensions of communication.

If you enjoy working with visual content and technology, a career in graphic design may suit you. The graphic design field is embedded in many things around us in our day life; you can see graphic elements over devices’ screens, appliance machines, prints, packages, shops’ façade, out-of-home advertising, TV’s production and games.

Any student who gets the minimum required score for the Faculty of Art & Design and who successfully passed the entry exams and interview could apply for the program.

Each student can choose from a number of elective courses the program offers, which fit your passion for design and technical solutions.

If you need further help, you can contact academic advisors anytime to have answers about study’s requirements.

The program requires the graduation project in the last academic year to be completed. Basically; each practical course has a final project to gain the required skills and competencies of a specific topic from Graphic design and Branding.

The course contact hours are divided between the lecture room, the computer lab, the art studio and the field trips outside the campus, it is a fun and enjoyable time as well as very valuable to students. The exams are scheduled and announced in advance.

The program offers a variety of academic and sports activities to students. The educational activities include: regular trip visits to cultural and artistic sites, and academic art and design competitions and projects, community service projects in the field of plastic art and graphic design. The non-academic activities include: sports activities inside the campus (swimming, tennis, football, volleyball, and handball) and outside campus activities (supervised events, open days).

The program adopts a set of strategies to encourage students to learn:

  • Defining the targeted learning outcomes for each course
  • Availability of academic advising
  • Encouraging students to take responsibility
  • Encouraging students to participate in art & Design competitions
  • Encouraging students to work together through group projects and community service
  • Using modern teaching strategies
  • Providing a good learning environment
  • Providing a competitive environment among students
  • Motivating the distinguished students financially and morally
  • Provide feedback on students’ performance

The Faculty of the program adopts a set of strategies to encourage students at risk who are struggling to study and whose GPA is less than 2:

  • Reducing the academic load to 14 credit hours during the semester
  • Encouraging students to communicate with faculty members during office hours
  • Holding continuous sessions with students at-risk students through the academic advisor at least once a month
  • Motivating students who are morally distressed
  • Use peer and group learning strategies
  • Periodically evaluate the performance of the student at-risk students

In addition, the Faculty adopts a set of strategies to encourage outstanding students whose GPA exceeds 3:

  • Increasing the academic load to 21 credit hours during the semester
  • Motivating outstanding students morally and financially
  • Use self-learning strategies
  • Use of competitions

The teaching staff is experienced and qualified. The teaching staff adopts various non-traditional teaching methods such as brainstorming, role-playing, gamification, etc. In addition, they carefully listen to students.

The degree will be accepted inside and outside Egypt. The students will get a validated degree from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities.

If you get the KSIU bachelor’s degree, you can apply for a master’s degree anywhere inside or outside Egypt.

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The program is designed to equip our graduates with problem-solving techniques, study them in detail, and explore design environments where people grow. 

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