Field of Tourism and Hospitality

Program Director

Prof. Tamer Abbas


Tourism and Hospitality

Our Vision

The faculty strives to become a leading academic model in the field of teaching, learning, scientific research, tourism training and hotel training at the local and regional levels in accordance with the standards of competitiveness, quality, ethics of academic work and leadership in the service of the community.

Our Mission

The faculty seeks to provide distinguished academic and professional programs in the field of tourism and hotels to prepare qualified human cadres in accordance with the needs of the local and regional labor market, encourage innovation and creativity, carry out applied scientific research, activate the community service and provide specialized consultancy and training programs.

Our Core Values


Through the conclusion of cooperation agreements with universities, regional and international institutes, and the tourism sector.

Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Encouraging students to innovate through graduation projects.

Respect for Values, Heritage and Cultural Diversity

Encouraging the integration of students from different culture.


To strive to be the best in all that the universities offer in terms of education, academic research, creative expression and community service.


Put forward clear strategic plans for education, learning and training.


Providing high quality programs in accordance with international best practice and international standards of education in the field of tourism and hospitality.

Our strategic objectives

  • To qualify and graduate qualified and trained human cadres through the provision of advanced, practical academic programs that fulfill the needs of the local and regional tourist and hotel labor market.
  • To focus on scientific research and development, and to link it to the needs of the community and the labor market.
  • To expand the delivery of various community services through the launching of many community initiatives.
  • To provide advisory services and specialized training programs.
  • To commit to academic quality standards and continuous development of faculty and staff performance.
  • To pursue continuous development of the faculty’s potential, facilities and educational services.
  • To focus on concluding cooperation agreements with universities, regional and international institutes and the tourist work sector, and to monitor their enforcement of such agreements.

Major programs

This program aims at rehabilitating the students to work at hotels, resorts and tourist villages by providing them with the range of knowledge, skills and abilities required by the hotel and tourism industry market.

This program aims at providing students with the knowledge and skills to join the tourism industry such as participation in many events, exhibitions, conferences, meetings. 

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