Emad Hamdi Abd El-Halim Salim Elbilawy


Emad Hamdi Abd El-Halim Salim Elbilawy


Faculty of Science

Dr. Emad H. Elbilawy lecturer in the department of biological sciences. He received his Ph.D. degree in microbiology with emphasis on the production of antiviral and anticancer products from cyanobacteria and the M.Sc. degree in microbiology with emphasis on the detection of cyanotoxins. Interested in the application of microbial biotechnology for the discovering of novel products which can be used for drug production to fight against fatal diseases like cancer and viral-based diseases. Member of a number of scientific societies such as the Australian water Society and the Egyptian Society of Biotechnology. published one book in addition to several papers in highly ranked scientific journals. Editing and reviewing a number of book chapters and papers for international leading publishers.

Computer Application

Research Interests

Microbial Biotechnology 

Bioproduction of Antimicrobial, Antiviral, and Anticancer from microorganisms 

Bioproduction of nanoparticles

Microbial Production of Biofuels and bioplastics

Extensive growth of macro and Microorganisms for feed and food

Metagenomic studies 

Monitoring of the microbial toxins especially cyanotoxins

Environmental microbiology

Administrative roles

Academic supervision of the faculty students.

Member of Quality assurance committee.

Member of LMS committee.

Member of laboratory instruments committee. 

Member of the assessment committee.

Member of the pest control committee.

Review the academic bylaw of the faculty of Science and coordinate between all scientific departments to correct the mistakes.

Last 3 Publications

  1. Mofeed, J., Deyab, M., Mohamed, A., Mostafa, M., Naser, S., & El-Bilawy, E. H. (2021). Antimicrobial activities of three seaweeds extract against some human viral and bacterial pathogens. Biocell, Accepted Manuscript.
  2. Mofeed, J., and El-Bilawy, E.H. F.Toxicology and pest control (2020). Toxicity and Disruptive Impacts of Fenhexamid Fungicide Against the Green Alga, Chlorella vulgaris.12(1). 45-57.       
  3. Deyab, M., Mofeed, J., El-Bilawy, E., & Ward, F. Arch Microbiol (2020). Antiviral activity of five cyanobacteria against coxsackievirus 3 and rotavirus. 202, 213-223.

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