Enas Mahmoud Elddamony


Enas Mahmoud Elddamony


Faculty of Dentistry

Dr. Enas Elddamony is a lecturer of dental materials at Suez Canal University, who published many dental materials articles in international and national journals.

she was teaching at faculty of dentistry-Sinai University from (2016 till 2019). 

In addition, she was the manager of academic student support unit- Faculty of Dentistry-Suez Canal University from (2016-2018)

She was the scientific coordinator of dental materials department, a Member of Scientific Research Ethics Committee (SREC), Member of the governmental excellence award team, and a Member of accreditation team, faculty of dentistry, Suez Canal University, Egypt (2019-2020)

Now, she is responsible for teaching dental biomaterials 1 and 2 courses, faculty of dentistry- king Salman international university

Computer Application

Research Interests

Dental materials

Administrative roles

Academic advisor

Last 3 Publications

  1. AbdAllah D.A,  Elddamony  E.M, Abdelgawad  R.A.  Surface topography and chemical characteristics of rotary Ni Ti files of different manufacturing techniques after multiple use.   Egy dent J. 2020; 66(1): 633-643. DOI :10.21608/edj.2020.79136 
  2. Hamdy  M.R,  Elddamony  E.M,  Abdelgawad  R.A.  Time dependent  effect  of  different  intracanal  medicaments  on dentin  microhardness  and  dislocation  resistance  of  MTA. Egy dent J. 2020; 66 : 645-658. DOI : 10.21608/edj.2020.79137  
  3. Sharaan M, Ali A, Elddamony EM, Abdaullah M.  Direct pulp capping using Simvastatin 

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