Jilan Mofeed Abdelbaky


Dr. Jilan Mofeed Abdelbaky

Associate Professor

Faculty of Basic Sciences

Dr. Jilan Mofeed Elsayed – Programs Director for faculty of Science programs.  Accredited by the International Board of Certified Trainers accredited international coach, Netherlands (IBCT) – Editor in two scientific journals – Member in the Royal Society for the Protection of the Marine Environment in Jordan – Reviewing scientific thesis of Master and PH. D degree – PI of two the scientific research project. Co-PI of the project for Support and develop the educational effectiveness of higher education institutions – Participate in Advanced International Training Programme by Swedish international development agency (SIDA) in “Integrated Sustainable Development of Coastal Area at Stockholm and Gutenberg (Sweden). Participate in the International Training Program in Coastal Management, at Aqaba (Jordan) – Ideal Mother of Universities for 2009- Board member of the aquatic environment department – Manager for the quality unit for six years (Suez University).

Computer Application

Research Interests




Bioactive compounds Production

Assessment of water quality 


Ecological Biomonitoring

Administrative roles

Worked hard to perform my duties as coordinator of the faculty of Science’ programs.

Format and coordinated between all faculties to establish the academic schedules of the university through the Schedules Committee.

Format and coordinated both mid-term and end-of-term examination schedules as well as the invigilation schedule for all university faculties through the Examination Committee.

Participant in the Control (Student Assessment) Unit.

Participate in and contribute to the organization and establishing of student laboratories through the committee of laboratories.

Member of the examination paper review committee.

Attending courses in educational development.

Initiate coordination with Petojet Company to train students of the faculty of Science.

Coordination for scientific visits to the Faculty of Petroleum Engineering and Suez Ports for training faculty of Science’ students.

Commitment by participation in all international and national events held at the university, whether by organizing, participating or attending.

Holding a mini-seminar for faculty’ members every week to discuss one of the scientific topics related to their specialties to make them aware of the new scientific field.

Welcoming new students at the beginning of each semester and making personal meetings with each candidate.

Last 3 Publications

  1. Mohamed A. DEYAB, Jelan MOFEED, Seham E. ABU AHMED. 2021. The harmful bloom forming Microcystis spp. and its biological bio-control in relation to water properties. 2021. (submitted).
  2. Mofeed, J., Deyab, M., Mohamed, A., Mostafa, M., Naser, S., & El-Bilawy, E. H. (2021). Antimicrobial activities of three seaweeds extract against some human viral and bacterial pathogens. Biocell, (Accepted Manuscript).
  3. Mahy M. Alawdn, Jelan Mofeed, Hoyda Elsayed and Abdelraouf A. Moustafa. 2021. Biosorption of Fe (III) and Zn (II) from aqueous solution by Dried Biomass of Two Marine Algae Ulva lactuca and Corallina officinalis and their activated carbon. Biocell, (Accepted Manuscript).  
  4.  Jelan Mofeed,  Mohamed Deyab,  Abd El-Naser Sabry,  Fatma Ward. 2021. In Vitro Anticancer Activity of Five Marine Seaweeds Extract From Egypt Against Human Breast and Colon Cancer Cell Lines. Environmental Science and pollution reearch, (Accepted Manuscript). 
  5. Eman I. Abdel-Aal and Jelan Mofeed. 2020. Mass production of Arthrospira platensis on the livestock manure for use as a protein source in animal.  Egyptian Journal of Aquatic Biology & Fisheries,Vol. 24 (7): 725 – 739.
  6. Jelan Mofeed, 2020. Monitoring for the distribution of phytoplankton along the hypersaline Bardawil Lagoon, in Northern Sinai, Egypt.  CATRINA, 21(1): 23-36.
  7. Jelan Mofeed. 2020. Impacts of ZnO nanoparticles on growth and antioxidant enzymes of the green alga Scenedesmus obliquus. African Journal of Biological Sciences, 2(4) :1-12.
  8. Jelan Mofeed. 2020. Impacts of Three Commonly Used Pharmaceuticals on Micro-green Alga Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata under Laboratory Conditions. CATRINA, 22(1):1-10.

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