Mervat Ahmed


Mervat Ahmed


Faculty of Desert Agriculture

Dr. Dean of Nursing is a researcher in the field heating ventilation and air conditioning. He provided several lectures for air conditioning design, thermodynamics, cooling load, engineering drawing and safety management in faculty  of technology and education, Suez university and some courses in faculty of petroleum engineering and Cairo engineering such as engineering drawing, mechanical drawing , thermodynamic and heat transfer. He provided several published in the field of boiling, heat transfer, nanomaterial and nanofluid. he works in industrial field heating ventilation and air conditioning designer in some projects in many petroleum companies such as Petrojet (PTJ)) Enpi, Souco, Town Gas, Syanco, Petropel, Suez petroleum, and Someed. also worked in the advisory office at Suez University as responsible for design work and supervisor of implementation for air conditioning and ventilation works

Computer Application

Research Interests

Heat transfer:

Properties of the pool boiling liquid such as thermal conductivity, specific heat and surface tension, and pressure of the boiling liquid at the Heated surface.

Orientation, Heat flux and geometry of the heated surface.

Characteristics of the heated surface such as material properties and surface roughness. 


Improving refrigerators’ coefficient of performance Commercial and household.

Study the performance of air conditioning systems Non-traditional

Energy Cooling (Renewable)

Absorption refrigeration system.

Absorption air conditioner system.

The study of thermal comfort for humans and improving air quality for air-conditioned rooms

Water treatment &desalination.

Water treatment (such as chemically enhanced primary water treatment, integrated approach for treating untreated/partially treated sewage water, integrated approach for treating untreated salty ground water)

Water desalination (such as: evaporation, membrane separation, … etc.)


Enhancement of heat transfer coefficient by using nanoparticles in refrigerants.   

Nano-fluids applications.

Administrative roles

Participating in meeting new students at KSIU (Ras Sidr Branch) and organizing the students’ personal interviews 

Participating in the entree examinations for students in the Faculties of Engineering and Technological Industries. 

Participation in organizing the Presidential Opening Ceremony for King Salman International University in Sharm El-Sheikh. 

Visiting the university’s general site in Al-Tur city and inspecting the buildings of the faculties of Engineering and Technological Industries.

Participating in preparation for merging the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Technological Industries into one building. 

Receiving the laboratories, equipment, materials and raw materials supplied at the university’s headquarters in Ras Sidr.

Receiving the laboratories of the Faculty of Engineering supplied in Sharm El-Sheikh branch.

Organizing the scholarship distribution ceremony at the university. 

Receiving buildings, laboratories, and the administration building and placing notes for receipt.

Conducting field visits to each of the private workshops in South Sinai, which are located in technical schools and training centers in Al-Tor and Ras Sidr, by visiting. 

Conducting a field visit to the workshops of Suez University and preparing and submitting the visit report.

Last 3 Publications

  1. 2021  A.M. Adam, Mohamed Tolan,  A.A. Refaat, Ayman Nafady, P. Petkov, M. Ataalla, ”Optical properties of thin Bi2Te3 films synthesized by different techniques, Journal of Superlattices and Microstructures , Volume 155, 2021.
  2. 2019  Eldesouki I.Eid, Reda A. Khalaf-Allah., Mohamed Tolan, ”Enhancement of pool boiling characteristics by an addition of nano Aluminum oxide to R-141b over a rough horizontal steel circular heater, International Journal of Refrigeration, Volume 98, PP 311-322, 2019.
  3. 2018, Eldesouki I.Eid, Reda A. Khalaf-Allah., Mohamed Tolan, ”Enhancement of Heat Transfer Characteristics of Nucleate Pool Boiling by Addition of Nano-Metal Particles to The Refrigerant 134a, International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 9, Issue 8, August-2018.

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