Prof.Dr.Mohammad Mabrouk Aboulwafa


Prof. Dr. Mohammad Aboulwafa


Faculty of Pharmacy

Dr. Aboulwafa is a professor for about 10 years, worked as acting Head and Head of Microbiology and Immunology for more than 12 years, Vice dean for Community Service and Environment Development Affairs for 16 and half months (all these positions at Faculty of Pharmacy Ain Shams University) and Chairman of National Organization for Research and Control of Biologicals (NORCB), this position is equivalent to Vice University President position for about 2 years.  

Dr. Aboulwafa worked as a consultant for Lacto Misr for production of infants’ formulas and Nile Company for Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries for about seven years and half. He traveled abroad 13 times short visits for a total of about  3 years, 2 and  half months to USA (University of Connecticut and University of California at San Diego) and visited for days India, Jordan and Korea. Dr. Aboulwafa acted as general secretary for Permanent Scientific Promotion Committee for associates and professors (Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Immunology), the 12th round (2016-2019) and he is a committee member for the 13th round (2019-2022). Also he is a member in the committee of Pharmacy Sector, Supreme Council of Universities since about 5 years and half, Executive Committee for National Strategic Programs of  Biotechnology and Genetic  Engineering, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research since about 6 years ago and Technical committee for bylaws and education programs, national projects for construction of universities and institutions for education and research – Ministry of higher education (since about 2 years). Also he was a member in Technical Committee of Pharmaceutical Affairs (about 2 years), Scientific Committee of Preliminary Evaluation of Biologicals (2 years and 3 months), Supreme Committee of Immunization  (one year and half), Committee of adverse events of immunization (one year and half), Supreme Committee of Accreditation (Egyptian Accreditation Council, Ministry of Industry, Trade  and Small and Medium Enterprises)  (about 2 years), Supreme Consultation Committee for Pharmacy and Drugs (one year and 9 months). Dr. Aboulwafa published 59 articles in international journals and 32 articles in national journals and supervised Master theses (29 Granted, 13 in process) and PhD theses (8 granted and 6 in process). He was a member in judgment and defense committees for 23 PhD theses and 45 Master theses and reviewed 56 scientific articles, most of them for international journals and 25 research projects. Dr. Aboulwafa is an associate editor for Journal of  Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (From February 2020 till now)

Computer Application

Research Interests

Fields of research:

Bioprocess development for the production microbial enzymes, antibiotics, cytotoxic drugs and surfactants. In these research projects, optimum production conditions are studied on shake flasks level, improvement of strain productivity by different approaches is then followed. The level of study is then transferred to lab fermentor for assessment of different fermentation parameters for optimum productivity.

Bacterial phosphoenolpyruvate phosphotransferase system (PTS): Physicochemical properties of such system under deficiency of different physiological functions generated by mutations.

Microbial adherence to mammalian tissues: screening for non- antimicrobial antiadherent agents, mechanisms of antiadherent activity.

Microbial resistance and persistence to antimicrobial agents: Role of quorum system in resistance, mechanisms of multidrug resistance, phospholipases as virulence factors.

Microbial virulence factors (detection, characterization, possible mechanisms of inhibition)

Quorum sensing system (detection, characterization, inactivation)\

Occult viral infections

Microbial Resistance

Biosynthesis of nanoparticles by microorganisms

Microbial degradation of polymers (petroleum based plastics and lignin)

Administrative roles


Last 3 Publications

  1. Ghadir S. El‑Housseiny, Khaled M. Aboshanab, Mohammad M. Aboulwafa and Nadia A. Hassouna (2020). Structural and Physicochemical Characterization of Rhamnolipids produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa P6. AMB Express, 10:201.
  2. Radwa N. Morgan, Hala A. Farrag, Mohammad M. Aboulwafa and Sarra E. Saleh (2021). Effect of Subinhibitory Concentrations of Some Antibiotics and Low Doses of Gamma Radiation on the Cytotoxicity and Expression of Colibactin by an Uropathogenic Escherichia coli isolate. Current Microbiology, 78:544–557,
  3. Lobna Abdel Aziz Kilan, Ayman Abdel Samie Gaber, Mohammad Mabrouk Aboulwafa  and Hamdallah Hafez Zedan (2021). Trastuzumab immunogenicity development in patients’ sera and in laboratory animals. BMC Immunology (2021) 22:15

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