Prof. Abdelghani Elgendi


Prof.Abdelghani Elgendi

Ras Sudr Campus Director

Dean of Faculty of Desert Agriculture

Professor, Agriculture Engineering & Dean, Faculty of Desert Agriculture, Director of the University Branch -Ras Sudr, South Sinai Egypt, and Independent &International On-farm Irrigation Engineering and Management expert & Consultant.

Computer Application


First Class Medal of Science and Arts- 2014- State Award in the Advanced Technological Agricultural Sciences, 2012-the prize of the University of Ain Shams discretionary June 2008. International Food Day, Food and Agriculture Organization FAO. Int. Univ. Agric. Educated Programmes TEMPUS European Union, May 2009.

Administrative Roles

Director of the University Branch -Ras Sudr.

Membership of Professional Bodies

Member of: (ASAE), (ESAE) – (AAAE). IA., ESSS AND ESAE

Employment Record

  • Professor, Agriculture Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture-Ain Shams Univ 1990-till now.
  • Vice Dean and Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University, Egypt, 1999-2007
  • Deputy Director and Director – Agr. Eng. Res. Institute ARC- Ministry of Agriculture Egypt 1990- 97.
  • Chairman of the agricultural sector faculties working group, Technical Committee for establishing Universities and educational and research institutions- Ministry of Higher Education, Egypt
  • Secretary of the Committee of the Sector of Agricultural Studies – Supreme Council of Universities from 2003 until 2019.
  • Member of the Committee for the establishment of academic standards reference for agricultural education – Supreme Council of Universities
  • Member and Chairman of the agricultural sector faculties working group, Technical Committee for establishing the regulation and educational programs and prepare to start the study- National projects to establish universities and educational and research institutions- Ministry of Higher Education, Egypt.
  • Member of Scientific promotion committees for Soil and Agricultural Engineering professors and assistant professors, Supreme Council of Universities (SUC) 2008 to 2019.
  • Chairman of the higher board of On-Farm Irrigation Development in Egypt OFIDP, Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, 2011
  • General Supervisor of Agricultural Engineering Research. Institute ARC, and Agricultural Mechanization Sector, Ministry of Agriculture, Working Group – Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation from 2014
  • Member of the Egyptian-Dutch Advisory Council for Water Management from December 2014. – Expert of the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Regions ICARDA 1998 – Present

Professional Experience Record

Member of the Supreme Committee for the formulation of agricultural strategy and its Business Plan 2010 -2017, – Ministry of Agriculture (2010-2030) – Member of the main study, design and implementation plans for the national project for the development and modernization of field irrigation system in the lands of the valley and Delta to maximize water use in

Egyptian agriculture OFIDP, – Irrigation and Drainage Expert &Consultant for Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD), – European Union, – FAO, ICARDA and World Bank Irrigation

Principal Investigator and Irrigation Systems design and Management Expert of the following related projects:

Establishment of Plantation Forests and Development of Sustainable Forestry in Desert lands of Egypt Using Sewage Water Project (2011-2013)” Technische Universität München (TUM), Ain Shams & Alexandria Univ,s. and ARC is funded by the DAAD. (600000. Euro)- Sustainable forestry in desert lands of Egypt using treated sewage water – Ain-Shams Univ. STDF 2.8 M LE- 2017-2020.-Incentive-Based Integrated Rural Development in Minia Governorate. Europe ENPI / 2012 / 307 – 759 (2013- 2016) – 2.0 M. Euro. – – Priorities of Modern Irrigation Systems Utilization in Old Land of the Nile Delta and Valley- Ain Shams Univ. and Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, 1995 to 2006.-600000 LE. – Irrigation Technologies for Maximizing Water Use Efficiency of Field Crops under Drought and Salinity Conditions of Arid Soils. ATUT Collaborative project, Ain-Shams Univ. Egypt and the University of Arizona, Tuscon – Arizona, U.S.A. 1997 -2001.- 300000 US

Publications: Author and Co-author of over100 scientific publications on problems related to on-farm irrigation in Egypt. Author and co-author of several books): Irrigation and Drainage Engineering. (In Arabic)- Management of Farm Irrigation System (2007 USA.) (In English) (Example only)


Last 3 Publications

  1. Marei,E, Hammad A., Ismail S El-Gindy, A.M (2018) ” Different Formula of Mixed Bacteria as a Bio- Treatments of Sewage Wastewater 20th International Conference on Wastewater- ICW 2018, Paris, France, June, 25-26.
  2. Olfat M.A. Salem, Hammad A. M., Ismail S., and El-Gindy A.M (2018). “Bio-treatment of Wastewater Using Mixed Algal Cultures”. AOAS-D-18-00219 Annals of Agricultural Science.
  3. El-Gindy .A.M., Amr K. Mahmoud, and A.H. Mohamed. (2016). Influence of Using Different Water Quantities and Irrigation Systems on Some Forest Trees Growth Parameters. Life Science Journal (Acta Zheng.) 2016;13(1): PP 72-81.

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