Field of Architecture

Program Director

Dr. Kamal Ahmed



Our Vision

The Faculty of Architecture aims to be a pioneering institution in architectural education on the national and international levels. The faculty seeks to employ state of the art technology and research to achieve sustainable architectural and urban development goals and to improve quality of life in line with Egypt’s strategic plan

Our Mission

The Faculty of Architecture prepares architects equipped with the knowledge, skills and ability to conduct research and keep up with technological developments through maintaining effective partnership with outstanding international universities. Graduates will be professionally qualified to creatively and innovatively serve the local community’s  development needs within the framework of community values and ethics. They will be globally competitive in the field of architecture and sustainable urbanism.

Our Core Values


User-Centered Design: We prioritize the needs and experiences of the users of our buildings and spaces, ensuring that our designs are functional, practical, and user-friendly.


A clear strategic plan with practical dimensions that will raise the level of education and learning and produce prestigious research.


We endeavor to push the boundaries of design and construction to create unique and cutting-edge architecture that stands out in the industry.


Being honest and ethical in all interactions, maintaining the highest ethical standards in teaching, research, public engagement and service.


Provide a distinctive program following international standards for education, learning and academic research.

Social responsibility

Commitment to study the challenges facing Egypt, the region and the world by adapting the scientific potential to meet these challenges.

Our strategic objectives

  • To serve the community by transferring and developing knowledge and skills; achieve world-class academic excellence; and continuously improve educational effectiveness.
  • To offer a variety of globally-oriented academic programs tailored to serve the needs of the local and regional community.
  • To develop scientific research, encourage innovation to serve the local community; and cooperate with outstanding international faculties.
  • To provide smart e-management solutions that can help deliver unique administrative services.
  • To foster an interest in developing the students’ soft skills, thus benefitting their career, and to open the door to admitting non-Egyptian students into the faculty.
  • To take part in solving community problems by providing consultations, conducting applied research and proposing practical scientific solutions while working in partnership with local institutions.

Program Mission

Graduate highly qualified senior engineers for the local and international market; who can understand and analyze the environmental and cultural values of the community and create effective and flexible state-of-the-art solutions to meet community needs considering the country’s comprehensive development plans. While keeping high-quality researches for both students and program faculties; oriented to the distinctive features of the local environment to help in developing local environment and the tourism in Sharm Elsheikh.

Graduate’s Attributes

To achieve the program mission and aims, program graduates should be able to: 

GA 1- Master a wide spectrum of architectural engineering knowledge and specialized skills in methods of construction and specifications of raw materials, building materials and finishes. Also, in the realm of environmental aspects and sustainability and can apply acquired knowledge using theories and abstract thinking in real life situations.

GA 2- Apply analytic critical and systemic thinking to identify, diagnose and solve architectural engineering problems with a wide range of complexity and variation; with their social, functional and technological dimensions.

GA 3- Behave professionally and adhere to architectural engineering and sustainability ethics and standards.

GA 4- Work in and lead a heterogeneous team of professionals from different engineering specialties and assume responsibility for own and team performance.

GA 5- Recognize his/her role in promoting the environmental architectural engineering field and sustainability, and contribute in the development of the architecture profession and the community.

GA 6- Value the importance of the environment, both physical and natural, and work to promote sustainability principles.

GA 7- Use techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for environmental and echo friendly architectural engineering practice. In addition to applying his/her own knowledge and practical skills to create and develop sustainable architectural designs starting from the briefing phase till beyond the construction and operating phase.

GA 8- Assume full responsibility for own learning and self-development, engage in lifelong learning and demonstrate the capacity to engage in post- graduate and research studies.

GA 9- Communicate effectively using different modes, tools and languages with various audiences; to deal with academic/professional challenges in a critical and creative manner in solving problems.

GA 10- Demonstrate leadership qualities, business and project administration and entrepreneurial skills.

Major programs

The program aims to deliver highly qualified graduates who can understand and analyze the cultural values of the community and create effective and flexible state-of-the-art solutions to meet community needs.

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