Kareem Rashwan


Kareem Rashwan

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality

Dr. Kareem Rashwan is a Lecturer at Al-Alson Institute for Tourism and Hotels Management. He was seconded as a Lecturer in the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels Management in Beni Seuf University during 2019/2020. Rashwan started his career by working for both local and international organizations, such as the Egyptian Tourism Authority and Green Star Hotel Certification Programme, respectively. He earned his PhD in Tourism studies from the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels Management, Helwan University in 2017. In 2018, Rashwan attended the Quality Education Training at National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation for Education. In January 2020, he successfully received his Professional Diploma in Total Quality Management from the American University in Cairo. Rashwan has been doing multiple types of research in the academic field for over seven years. Among his extracurricular activities, Rashwan spent two years in Viet Nam teaching as a community work. This is where he gained exposure to a different culture and enhanced his communication skills in multiple languages. In 2016, He initiated an integrated marketing campaign to promote Egypt as an international tourism destination. The campaign was named Egypt Bloom.

Computer Application

Research Interests

Tourism and Sustainability 


New Technologies used in Tourism

Quality Education 


Consumer behaviour 

Tourism Development 

Cultural Heritage Management 

New Trends in Tourism 

Tourism Branding

Last 3 Publications

  1. Role of Virtual Museums in Preserving Protected Areas: The Case of Wadi Degla Virtual Museum
  2. Vietnam: A Potential Budget Traveller Market for Egyptian Tourism  
  3. Success factors of Hallmark Events: the case of Vietnam

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