Cross-Cultural Communication Workshop

Out of our deep-rooted belief in the value of human interaction and the virtue of empowering marginalized communities, KSIU cordially conducts a one-day workshop hosting 60 primary and preparatory students from Wadi Mandar school on the university campus at Sharm Al Shiekh. The event encompasses students and teachers allowing all parties to take part in educational, entertaining, artistic, social, and emotional support activities aiming at promoting respect for diversity and individual differences.  The workshops will be given by several departments at KSIU;
  • Tourism and Hospitality: Do you know Egypt?
  • Art and Design: Having fun with collage items 
  • Al-Alsun (English Dep.): Explore English 
  • Al-Alsun (German Dep.): Explore German 
  • Arabic activity: only Arabic allowed 
  • Architecture: Fun Games